A nostalgic look at life in Lisenden Gardens, December 4th 2009 by Bridget Galton.

Resident Rosalind Bayley, who moved there in 2001, has written an exhaustive history of the estate: To Paradise By Way of Gospel Oak (Camden History Society) available in local bookstores.

It describes how the new flats were valued in 1901 at between £35 and £47 and early residents were skilled artisans, such as tailors and builders. By 1911 they were mostly City workers, engineers, solicitors, teachers, writers and artists, merchants and managers. Among the celebrated residents over the years were the composer Haydn Wood, the artist Anthony Green, jewellery designer Dorrie Nossiter, writer James Hanley and feminist activist Alice Zimmern.

To Paradise by way of Gospel Oak by Rosalind Bayley. The history of a mansion flat estate in Lissenden Gardens and the forces that shaped it. Available from Camden History Society http://www.camdenhistorysociety.org/.

Lissenden Gardens

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