Dorrie had many contemporaries from her early years at Birmingham through to her time working in London when she Sybil Dunlop and Amy Sandheim were referred to as the 'good time girls', see comments from Didier antiques.

The recent Bonhams exhibition about George Hunt included Dorrie as a contemporary

"George Edward Hunt was born in Dudley in the Midlands in 1892. He entered the Margaret St School of Art and the Vittoria Street School of jewellery and silversmithing in 1908. The school was blessed with tutors the like of celebrated jeweler and silversmith Bernard Cuzner. During George’s time there he studied alongside contemporaries William T.Blackband, Kate Eadie, Dorrie Nossiter, and the brothers Bernard and Lewis Instone who also became highly regarded. "

Also Sally Hoban in the Birmingham Post

During Hunt's time at the schools he studied alongside contemporaries including William T Blackband, Kate Eadie, Dorrie Nossiter, and the brothers Bernard and Lewis Instone, who also became highly regarded.

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