School of Art and Design 1910-1914

Dorrie was enrolled at the Municipal School of Art, Central School, Margaret Street, Birmingham from 1910 - 1914 and in the academic year 1910 -1911 sat the Government examinations in Freehand Drawing (71), Geometrical Drawing (22), Memory Drawing of Plant Form(192) and Model Drawing. (102). National Course of Instruction for Government Schools of Art in Britain.


School of Art & Design Building, Margaret Street, Birmingham now part of the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design

The prospectus for the session shows that the teachers for three of these included Mr Collins, Mr Higgins, Mr Wilson, Mr Hart, Mr Sherwood, Mr Umbers, Mr Tarling, Mr Cotton and Mr Sargisson, in room 10. Miss Hall took the Geometrical Drawing classes in room 8 (Municipal School of Art, 1910). The prospectus also records that the cost of full-time tuition, 5 days a week was £4 and 10 shillings so the enrolment records show that Dorrie was a full time student from 1910 - 1914 at the Central School.

The 1910-11 school year was divided into two sessions Autumn from September 12th 1910 - February 3rd 1911 and Winter from February 6th to June 23rd. Then School was closed from Dece 19th - 31st, April 14th -18th and June 5th & 6th. Probably also closed on June 7th for the Annual Athletic Sports Meeting. 

A contemporary of Dorrie’s at the Central School was the illustrator Marcelle de Lange whose grand-daughter researched at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Designs Archives for her MA Thesis in 1993.

Academic year Age Class Fee paid Home Address
      Autumn Winter  
1910 - 1911 17.3 1 325 /-90 480 /-90 Lattice Cottage, Church Road, Hall Green
1911- 1912 18.3 1 90/- 90/- College Road, Moseley
1912 - 1913 19.2 1 90/- 90/- 19 Fernley Road, Sparkhill
1913 - 1914 20.8 see fol 66 in CS see reg 1.2.6



Crafnant, Penn Hill Avenue,

Parkstone, Dorse

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